Elsa De Lima

Elsa De Lima is an Associate Attorney at MSP Recovery LLC (MSP) primarily focused on Research and Development and matters related to the organization’s “Big” Healthcare Data used to spearhead litigation strategy. In this capacity, Ms. De Lima, in conjunction with other cross-functional associates, is responsible for interpreting and analyzing the claims data that is used by counsel to pursue lawsuits across the nation in the space of Property and Casualty and Mass Torts. Ms. De Lima further assists in the identification of new litigation opportunities, constructing damage models used in litigation, and supports the department’s reporting of valuation data to key investors.

Collectively, Ms. De Lima brings over 10 years of experience in the management, development, and financial aspects of the legal and healthcare industries. Prior to joining MSP in 2018, Ms. De Lima was shareholder and Director of Business Development & Legal Services for Wentworth Hampshire, Inc., a portfolio management company specializing in supporting organizations that enhance the development and sustainability of healthcare and education services. Alongside the CEO, Ms. De Lima was one of the original pioneers involved in the creation and implementation of the business plan that established Wentworth Hampshire and its subsidiary organizations. In that capacity, Ms. De Lima was responsible for the identification, pursuit and expansion of strategic business opportunities, including mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, and franchise/licensing agreements that fit within the overall corporate strategy. Additionally, Ms. De Lima was actively involved in the development of short and long-range strategic plan, including the development and facilitation of service-line development, identifying issues, and assisting in the implementation of solutions and overall success of long-term projects.

Ms. De Lima received her Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business from Florida International University in 2010. There, Ms. De Lima developed a deep understanding of multicultural and cross-industry business operations. During her studies, Ms. De Lima was invited to be part of a dynamic hands-on program expanding on multinational operations abroad in Rome, Italy. In order to further expand her deep understanding of the legal and healthcare industry, Ms. De Lima obtained her Juris Doctorate from Florida Coastal School of Law, and passed the Florida bar in July of 2016.