Miguel Mirabal

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His parents, Maggie and Fernando Mirabal, left Cuba in 1960 as former political prisoners and exiles. With nothing more than a suitcase, his parents were forced from their homeland seeking safety, democracy and freedom in the U.S.

Miguel’s parents always instilled in him their motto of “Fairness, Hard work, Education and Perseverance”. His father, Fernando Mirabal, went on to join the U.S. military, first in the U.S. Army and then the Central Intelligence Agency as a C.I.A. operative and diver. His father retired from the U.S. Military with Honors. Mike’s father went on to finish his dream of becoming an architect, something denied to him in communist Cuba. Fernando attended the University of Miami, School of Architecture, and became a successful local architect, developer and businessman.

Miguel’s mom, Maggie, was also able to achieve her own version of the “American Dream.” Before leaving Cuba, she went from being a university student in Cuba to a political prisoner as a counter-revolutionary. After years of hard work and dedication, she became one of Miami’s first female small business owners and Executive Vice-President of one of the largest vocational schools in the Eastern United States with over 400 employees and some 4,500 students.

Miguel helped raise his two nephews who have followed in his legal footsteps and have become attorneys in their own right, practicing in Florida and Illinois.

Miguel was born, raised and educated in Miami and understands this community. He attended Christopher Columbus High School and St. Thomas University in Miami Gardens where he received a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in International Business.

After college, Miguel attended Barry University School of Law where he received his Juris Doctorate Degree. Mike started a successful law firm and several businesses in Miami. He was offered a great opportunity to work for one of Europe’s most respected international law firms and joined InterJURIS, an international law firm based in Madrid, Spain, with offices in Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico and Panama.

While working full time at a law firm in Madrid, he returned to law school for a second time to obtain dual degrees, Spanish Law E.U. and an L.L.M. in International Law. Upon completing his education in Spain, he returned to open InterJURIS’s Miami headquarters. Mike went on to open his own boutique international law firm, as well as serve as in-house counsel for other businesses for several years. He is admitted to the Spanish Bar and is a member in good in the Florida Bar.

In recent years, Miguel used his legal training and life experiences to give back to his community. He has acted as a court appointed guardian ad-litem attorney, a pro bono attorney in family law, immigration, international sex trafficking, custody and domestic violence cases. Miguel truly feels that serving on the bench of Miami Dade County, one of the busiest and most complex in the country, will put his fervor for public service to the best use.

Outside of his experience with his law practice, Miguel has also taught as an adjunct professor in business law, as well as guest seminar speaker in the topics of international law, global trade, EB-5 investor visas, immigration and real-estate, both in the US., Europe and Latin America.

In serving his community, Miguel is the Liaison and Coordinator with “Global Humanitarian and Protect,” a global non-profit organization whose goal it is to produce, feed and educate at risk women and children and simultaneously extradite and prosecute American pedophiles and child sex traffickers in Latin America.