Reynaldo A. Martinez

About the Speaker

Reynaldo A. Martinez is a Senior Litigation Associate at MSP Recovery Law Firm and the head of the Trial Team. As the head of the trial team, Rey not only prepares to either sit as first or second chair for every hearing and deposition that MSP Recovery Law Firm is responsible for, but also helps prepare co-counsel prior to their hearings. Rey is responsible for attending major hearings or depositions as second chair around the country in a supporting role to dozens of firms. Although Rey has only been a lawyer since 2015, he was an integral part of the trial team that certified two MSP class actions which were the first of their kind.

 Rey graduated from the Florida International University College of Law evening program in 2015. During his time at FIU Law Rey worked full time Law Clerk at The Law Offices of Max R. Price P.A., a boutique medical malpractice Plaintiff law firm in South Miami. Prior to working for Mr. Price, Rey worked for The Law Offices of David B. Haber (now Haber Slade) a Miami based business and commercial litigation firm.

When not in the court room, Rey is part of MSP Recovery Law Firm’s traveling training team charged with traveling the country to meet with and train co-counsel and their staff at the inception of their co-counsel relationship with our firm. Rey has a passion for teaching, and it shows not only when he is with co-counsel or helping our staff internally, but when he is asked to speak at a seminar or event around the country as he has at the AHIP or the MSP Co-Counsel Seminar.